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Black Pepper’s heritage is a delightful diversity from the Nyonya & Baba descendants to Malay, Indian, Chinese and Thai.
We take pride & effort to prepare authentic & healthy food! Dishes are made from fresh ingredients, herbs & spice
such as belachan, lemongrass, laska flower, sambal chili, etc.

Try our Roti Prata, handmade crispy multi-layered Malay-Indian style pancake served with Home-made curry sauce. Or, try our best known “Malay Satay”, skewers of meat and poultry roasted over the grill and then dipped in peanut sauce; or our Wok-seared Rempah Calamari.

We also offer Singaporean Black Pepper Beef TenderloinRendang Beef, Melaka Salmon, Indian Mee Goreng, Pineapple Fried RiceCoconut Oatmeal Jumbo PrawnsSambal Malaysian Scallops, Malay Curry LaksaIndian Mee Goreng, and Coconut Milk Rice 

Our delicious Mango Prawn is a must-try; prepared with prawns, green and red peppers in a spicy mango sauce along with shredded mango all in a mango shell.

Our desserts include Gula Melaka caramelized Banana with ice creamThai Sweet Black Sticky Rice with Mango, Pandan Panna Cotta, and our House-special - delicious Deep-fried Ice-Cream and Banana ala modé.

May you have a delicious experience!

About Us

We offer a fantastic blend of Southeast Asian ingredients, spice & herbs, making Black Pepper a delicious and fun place to visit. Crafted cocktail, beer and fine wine available too.


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